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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  November 14, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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bright blue skies out there. still a lo of good, fall color left around the washington area and some good color out to the blue ridge as well even though we're past peak. now warming up very quickly with all that sunshine out there. we'll get a decent amount of sun in theirst half of the day but by mid to late afternoon i think the clouds will be on the increase. those rainhowers in western west virginia will stay way away from us today, so we have a rain-free sund on the way. a little chance for some showers coming in late tomorrow. tuesdalooks like it's going to be the rainiest day of the week. all the details on the rest of the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, chuck. now t that breaking news out of fairfax county this morning. authorities say a baby has been found inside a duffel bag. rescuers tell us the baby is alive. that discovery was made in springfield right off fairfax county parkway and close to the catholic church. derrick ward joins us live now
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from sprgfield with the latest. what do we know? >> reporter: this is the scene and parishioners coming this this church this morning were greeted by crime scene tape. at 6:45 someone apparently dropped off a baby girl in the parking lot. now the child was in what they describe as a gymag with towels and it was a newborn baby. we are told the umbilical cord was still attached. it was a baby girl no way to tell the ethnicity at this point. we're just told a dark haired baby girl. now the child was taken to fafax hospital. the condition isnknown but we are told as well the child was crying when discovered. there arsafe haven laws in virginia and other area jurisdictions that allow the parents of a child to drop the baby off within the first 14 ys of life an police and fire station and there would be no criminal prosecution provided that reasonable measures were taken to ensure the fety of
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the child. though it's not clear whether the discovery or whether this baby being left here falls under those laws, but police would like to know who thearents of this child a. if for no other reason than health reasons to find out if there is any medical attention that needs to be given to that child. a newborn baby girl, umbilical cord still attached. we'll have more for you on this as it becomes available. we're live in fairfax county. back to you. >> derrick ward, thank you. new today -- >> montgomery county police are investigating ahooting that may have stemmed from an attempted break-in. it happened in the 400 block of muddy branch road in gahersburg. they suspect he was trying to force his way into one of the apartments when the tenant shot him. the man was taken to a nearby
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hospital. police do not believe his injuries are life threatening. and now in virginia firefighters are investigating a two-alarm fire that broke out at a strip mall in vienna. that fire started at the dunkin' donuts in the shopping center. in the 300 block. investigatorsay the store has been closed for renovations. some surrounding shops sustained heavy smoke damage. no injuries were reported. this morning the arrest of prince george's county jack johnson and his wife have people talking. >> federal agents tookthe two into custody. he insisted he will be vindicated. john schriffen has reaction from the people who johnson serves. >> reporter: did you vote for him? >> yes, i did. >> reporter: are you disappointed now? >> sure. well, again, he's not guilty until proven guilty.
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>> rorter: some, despite his arrest are awaiting judgment. many other residents we talked to from bowie, district heights, all the way to the national harbor who have already seen enough. we put so much trust in our elected officials and expect them to live up to certain standards. had they don't, it is disturbing. >> reporter: he and his wife were arrested charged with tampering with evidence and destroying records. what was the most shocking part of this for you? >> the part that she put the $80,000 in her panties. this was the that was the most shocking. the whole thing. you don't expect to hear things hikethat. >> reporter: jack johnson has said publicly over the next three weeks he will finish out the remainder of his term as county exutive but there are
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some residents here in prince george's county that feel his wife, who is newly appoint 0ed to the county council, should now step down. >> you can let him go out and then he gets to spend the rest of his life regretting this one decision. the fact she still gets to make important decisionfor my life is unfair. >> reporter: in prince george's county, john schriffen, news4. well, it was expected to be a tense night at a local high school. when the time came for a sk scheduled protest by westborough baptist church, the controversial grp was a no-show. the church planned to picket yesterday. they are apparently upseabout richard montgomery high school students performing the laramie project, the play is about a wyoming community's reaction to the murder of a gay college student, matthew sheppard. theyay god killed him because of his sexual orientation. that message sparked a counter protest by students. >> they bring a message of hate and we need to retaliate with love and reason rather than
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irrational action and hatred. >> westborough baptist church hanot responded to our inquiries into why they did not show up. time now is 9:06. right now how much would you pay for bernie madoff's underwear? >> say at? >> coming up, how much somebody paid for the disgraced financiera boxers at a huge auction. >>nd some ways to save big bucks on everything from groceries to gifts. maybe even underwear. [ female announcer ] introducing pillsbury sweet moments bite-sized brownies layers of brownie and caramel, dipped in chocolate ready to eat sweet moments in the refrigerated section [ female announcer ] pure, wholesome ingredients make new simply breads and biscuits
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fancy jewels, custom made clothes, even used socks. those itemseized from fall financier bernie madoff's manhattan penthouse. they have new owners today. the s. marshal service auctioned off those items yesterday. someone paid $550,000 for the diamond engagement ring that madoff gave his wife, ruth. it was 10 1/2 cara it ts. the leather bull foot stool, $3,300. one person paid $1,700or 11 pairs of momogramed boxers. the disgraced tder is serving
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a life sentence. money from the auction will help repay clients madoff swindled in his multibillion dollar ponzi scheme. while you're not lily to put unrwear on layaway, the practice has made a resurgence in recent years. around the holidays mo and more people try to save every penny. >> consumers are becoming more thrifty and it's not just about gifts. >> reporter: la toya used to go to maternity shops. now you'll find her here at the gowill store. >> matnity jeans and everything i can get from here for about $5, $10 as oppose the ed to $40, $50. i'm not going to be pregnant fover. >> reporter: mario sullivan discovered goodwill this year with her kids. >> bought two harry potter books today and instead of paying for the ha cover like $30, we ught them for $4.99 and $5.99. >> reporter: in this struggling economy, more americans are shopping at thrift stores. goodwill has seen an 11%
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increase in sales and are opening 100 new stores with a brand-new face for their changing clientele. >> we had a customer who came back and said this is a great store. i stopped here every time i'm my way to nordstrom's and every time i'm on my w back. >> reporter: and more retailers have new ways to save money. toys 'r' us offers a layaway plan on big ticket items for the second year in a row. all to save parents from saying, sorry kids, no presents this year. but they're not the only ones. kmart, sears, best buy, and tjmaxx are in the game. >> the ability to save money. no one feels they have the same amount of buying power today as they did in the past. >> reporter: at the grocery store, csumers are turning to less expensive store brand products now making up 22% of grocery sales to save more. chicago-based supermarket where 95% of the products are store
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brand is becoming so popular it is opening 100 new stores around the country this year. >> our stores in the upper income demographic are some of our best performing year on year. >> reporter: katherine says she likes the prices. >> i must be saving at least $100 every time i come into the store. >> reporter: whether it's for clothes, toys or foo more americans arwatching their spending by going back to basics. have youone all your christmas shopping yet? >> i haven't even started. >> it's terrible. 9:12 right now. let's check in with chuck. >> he sn't going to say anything. >> he wasn't? >> where do you think that 10 1 carat ring is going? >> nothing says i like my co-anchor like a $500,000 ristmas present. >> remember chuck said that, okay? >> the group gift. >> i contributed $1. anyway, we have plenty of sunshine out the.
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good looking day ahead and rain is in the forecast for later. we'll talk about that next.
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it's 9:15. warming up nicely. >> we have really zoomed up quite nicely. a lot of spots still hanging back in the 30s for now. still cool start on a november morning out there but a lot of sunshine on the way.
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another winner of a day coming up for your afternoon plans even you're just going to sit outside and watch your neighbors rake the leaves. that's usually the most fun. outside right now, we have plenty of sunshine streing down on the roof of the jefferson memorial. the clock tower there in the distance. a nice look iing day outside wa up on the hill, the shrine of the immaculate conception. a scarf first thing this morning is about all you'll need. you'll be able to shed the jackets and scarves as our very mild stretch of november weather continues for at least one more day. today will be the last of the really great days and then tomorrow still not cold but more cloud and shower chances sneaking up. for now, sunshine getting through some mid level clouds out there. 47 degrees. hardly a breeze to be found. winds will eventually be very light out of the southeast by later on this afternoon by still only four or five miles an hour. 37 in manassas and warrenton.
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47 down up to. 46 degrees in annapolis. there's a little dome of milder air just back out to our west and that will protect us from the chill for one more day today. plenty of 10 to 20 degree temperature drops over the last 24 hours and that cooler air is eventually going to make its way here o the other side of a weather front making ever so process through the ohio valley. this front will get hung up in the appalachian mountains as we get through the second half of the day tomorrow. that will be the beginning of a cooler change for us as we get to the midle of the week. high pressure giving way. that front by later on this afternoon entering far western maryland and overnight into early tomorrow morning cloudon the increase. maybe a sprinkle up west of the blue ridge up into southern pennsylvania. that's about it for monday morni
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morning. tomorrow we'll see mainly cloudy skies with the clouds lower and thicken as the day wears along and eventually we'll have a chance for some light rain moving in. probably not until after theun goes down and a ripple of low pressure coming along the frt promises our best chaps of rain tuesday afternoon, tuesday night, lingering the very best part of the day tuesday. enjoy it, everybody. sunny and mild. high clouds on the increase. sun goes down at 4:55. between now and then up into the mid-60 then tomorrow becoming cloudy. a chance o a sprinkle not until after the sun goes down for the most part. temperatures upper 50s and low 60s. still at o slightly above average for tomorrow but then cloudy skies and showers off and on for much of the day tuesday, tuesday afternoon and night. that may linger into the first partf the day on wednesday. if you're going out to fedex field the eagles and the redskins tomorrow night on ""monday night football"." 55 degrees. plenty of clouds around. maybe a chance for a sprinkle or two after halftime. no heavy rain is expected. and for the rest of the work and scol week, the rn is leaving us by thursday and we should be cool and dry next weeke. >> thank you, chuck.
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are you having trouble getting your child to read? >> kids post found some books no kid would want to put down. ear is eun yang. good morning. this week on ks post on tv books that are bizarre, a harry potter star, and story telling with a guitar. joining us is tracy grant of "washington post" kids post. good morning. thank you for joining us. >> always good to be with you. >> first let's talk about some books that are a little off color but very funny. >> books should be fun. in monday's kids post we take a look at some books that are a little naughty, a little off color. of course captain underpants every 8-year-old boloves captain underpants but we revisit harry potter. harry potter is very big in kids post this week with when hair y puts his wand up a troll's nose. there's an off color moment. and lots of people don't know that shrek started off as a book by william stieg in which shrek
9:20 am
slay as dragon with intestinal gas. >> i did not know that. i hear you have an exclusive interview with one of the stars of the harry potter series. >> we have an interview with tom felton who plays drako malvoy, harry's nemesis, the incredible bully. and we talked to him about the series winding down and the conflict -- right. look howyoung they are. they've changed over the course of the ten-year series. the first part of the last movie is in theaters on friday and we know lots of kids will want to be this. >> hard to believe this is the end of the movie series. and now to a story telling ent your kids will love or should we call it a concert? >> it's a little bit of both. in tuesday's kids post we have an interview with a storyteller and musician. he will be performing friday night at kenre middle school.
9:21 am
he uses a harp, a guitar, and tells cultural fables from all over the wod. he's a fascinating performer. >> sounds ke a great event. tracy grant, thanks so much as always. for fun, family activities, visit or and click on kids post. and that is kids post on tv this week. i've eun yang. the caps go for their seventh win in a row and in college football maryland takes on virginia. >> hakem dermish has the highlights from a busy satday in the world of sports. good morning, everyone. we start with hockey. and when you play the buffalo sabres, you know what you're up against. goaltender ryan miller, one of the best in the nhl. the defending vezina trophy winner back in net after missing two weeks because of injury. the capitals riding a six-game winning streak trying to solve the ryan miller ddle. and ryan miller not getting any help early on. no score first period. buffalo defenseman tyler myers tries to clear it to alexander semin. passes and rips it past miller.
9:22 am
capitals take a 1-0 lead. i would say they're solving miller to this point. later in the first, still one up. caps on the power play but here come the sabres. patrick kaleta out front, shoots. wow, phenomenal glove save by holtby. washington trails, 2-1. puck in the sabres zone. niklas backstrom off the post and in. backstrom's fifth of the season. we're all otted 2-2. game goes to overtime. over a minute left in ot, tomas vanek, backhand on holtby. watch it again. are you kidding me? pretty moves by vanek goes right past carlson andhen beats holtby. the capitals fall 3-2 in overtime. the capitals are back at home later today against atlanta. face-off set for 5:00. nba now, washington in chicago last night. a made for tv matchup between
9:23 am
two number one overall draft picks. the wizards john walagainst the bulls derrick rose. and john wall going against derrick rose for the first time in their careers. second quarter, wizards down two. off the bulls' miss, blatche grabs it ahead to jo wall. drives and this is beautiful. goes around the back and up and in. wow. wall went for 16 points. moments later wall gets the rebound, runs the floor, lobs it up for mcgee and throws it down over corver. mcgee had six points and four blocks. rose going against wall. looking like michael jordan. on this play. wow. up and under. rose had a team high, 24 points. gilbert arenas and check this out. hits from deep. he had 30 points off the bench, seven ree-pointers. zards cut the lead to to five. that's as close as they get.
9:24 am
103-96. college football. on senior day a freshman from maland dominates. terps running back d.j. adams who has played sparingly this season was goliath on the goal li scoring three touchdowns against the cavaliers. maryland beats down virginia knocking the cavs out of bowl contention. we're in charlottesville ke london drawing up a trick play against the terps, it works. first quarter lining up for a field goal, psych. hodges, former team manager, flips the ball to danzer. 16 yards for the touchdown. virginia in front, 10-7. second quarter, same score. o'brien calls his own number. follows his block. textbook. 12-yard score. 14-10, terrapins. end of the third quarter, terps down two. o'brien throws over the middle. off the hands of darnell carter and williams snags it for a 26-yard gain. a little lucky but t terps take it. three plays later to freshman
9:25 am
d.j. adams and he busts in for his third touchdown of the ge. ralph friedgen with the defeat. 42-23. the cavaliers committed 16 penalties for a loss of 145 yards. maryland plays florida state at home next week. all right, to north carolina. number 20, virginia tech, against unc. okay. who has the better view, those people or this dude? all alone on top of a crane outside the stadium. third quarter, hokies down one. tyrod taylor back to pass. finds marcusavis in the back of the end zone for an 11-yard score. virginia tech takes a 16-10 lead. later tar heels with the ball. t.j. yates play-action, goes deep for his receiver in double coverage. not a good choice. intercepted by hosely. the hokies fce six north carolina turnovers. so that leads to this. taylor under pressure tosses it up for that marcus davis guy again. the same resul touchdown, hokies. virginia tech wins it 26-10. its eighth win in a row.
9:26 am
to annapolis. navy hosting central michigan. chris procter in at quarterback. procter and navy ground game still in business. midshipmen trailing by three third quarr. procter fakes the pitch. scramblein. navy takes a 28-24 lead. four seconds left. central michigan just scored. instead of the extra point they go for two and the win. ryan radcliff looking for his receiverut it's incomplete and that's it. the coach can't contain his joy, celebrating like a kid. navy, oh, yeah, they hang on to win it 38-37. that's your morning sports. i'm hakem dermish. have a great day. thanks, hakem. 9:26 right now. up next -- >> a new session of congress has president obama taking a new approach to his policies. a look at the president's priorities when we return. derrick? >> reporter: a neorn baby girl found on the grounds of a catholic church in fairfax county. i'll have details coming up. with capital one bank's new checking with reward
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good morning. welcome to news 4 today. i'm kimberly suiters. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. it's sunday, november 14th. first a quick check on our forecast. meteorologist chuck bell is here with us. >> yes, indeed. >> and you've been in a good mood. >> as opposed to most weekend? >> no, no, no, you're generally
9:30 am
in a good mood. >> not the grumpy old man. >> it's going to be funny and nice but i'm at work. >> and the weather has supported your optimism, the point i was ying to make and doing such a bad ob. >> it was a great week. all weeklong the beautiful weather, sunshine. 65 degree weather all weeklong. yesterday was a beauty. today another nice one. what is there to be grouchy about? >> good point. >> still a lot of pretty leaves to go look at if you're so inclined. 47 degrees now here in washington. 40 degrees in fairfax and leesburg. in winchester. 36 in martinsburg. clouds on the increase by later on this afternoon. any of the rain showers inar western west virginia will stay away from us today and for most of the day tomorrow as well. could have a chance for a sprink out west of the blue ridge early in the day tomorrow but i think in the washington metro area our next chance doesn't show up until after the
9:31 am
sun gs down tomorrow. >> thank you, chuck. >> you're welcome. following breaking news in fairfax county this morning. that's where police say a baby was found in a duffel bag alive. the discovery was made in springfield and that's right off the fairfax county parkway. news 4's derrick ward joins us live again with the latest. good morning again, derrick. >> reporter: good morning, kimberly. take a look over my shoulder. this is the scene, the crime scene tape, marks the area where the child was found in the shadow of the cross of st. raymond's catholic church. it was about 6:45. we are told that a parishioner arriving early for services parked the car and noticed a bag which is described as a duffle back or aym bag there on the grassy area. that person went over to inspect and found inside a new baby girl in towels with the umbilica cord still attached. the baby was crying at the time
9:32 am
and usually that's a goo indicationn terms of the child's health but that child was rushed to fairfax hospital for a more thorough checkup now. no word on who left the baby or the child's identification or ethnicity at this poin now there are safe haven laws that exist here in virginia that allow for a parent to leave a baby within the first 14 days of life at a police station or fire station or a hospital. and there would be no crippmina ramifications provided. reasonable care was taken to ensure the safy of the child. we don't know if this falls under the purview of those laws or protections b authorities would like to talk to the parents of the child for health reasons if nothing else. as we say the child has been ken to fairfax hospital where it is being examined. it was crying when taken away, described only as a newborn baby girl with dark hair and the umbilical cord still attached. we'll have more information on
9:33 am
the story as it becomes available. we are live in fairfax, now back to you. >> derrick ward reporting for us. family and friends said their final good-byes to a teenage shot in a shooting. sharp was a student at spingarn in northeast. police say he and a fellow student were simply joking around on holbrooke street monday night when they came across three other men. investigators believe those men may have thought the laughter was directed at them, sohots were fired and he was killed. doctors say the second teenager shot will be okay. so far no arrests have been made. this morning a maryland teenager is facing charges in a deadly robbery. police say he was one of four men who held up mr. wings and pizza on baltimore annapolis ulevard friday night. bullets hit and kled the 20-year-old flores who was a customer there. police charged 17-year-d vincent buhner as an adult with first-degree murder. detectives are still looking for the other three men involved in the shooting.
9:34 am
one of the world's most prominent and political prisoners is free this morning. aung san suu kyi was released early yesterday, greeted by cheering supporters. she told a crowd of 5,000 she will continue to fight for human rights in the military controlled country. it's not clear whether the burmese government has imposed any conditions on her release and if she would accept them. she has been under house arrest or in jail for 15 of the last 21 years. this morning president obama is making his way back to washington from asia but he made a final stop to see one of japan's most famous icons. he visited the 44-foot-tall great buddhastatue. president obama last visited the figure when he was 6 years old. before leaving japan he bought two bralets for his daughters. i hope that's not supposed to be a surprise. and then he sat down with his two hosts and ate ice cream. the president is wrapping up a
9:35 am
ten-day trip to asia the he's scheduled to return to the white house late this afternoon. new members of congress due in town tomorrow and when they get here they'll be greeted by a president who i willing to deal. president obama looking to slash the budget and cut the deficit and the only thing he says he won't do is raise taxes on the middle class. nbc's brian mooar reports. >> reporter: as president obama winds down his asian trip, he's looking for ways to work with the republican members of congress. >> we have a chance to advance the interests of not republicans or democrats but of the american people, to put our country on the path of fiscal discipline and responsibility that will lead to a brighter economic future for all. >> reporter: the president wants toliminate earmarks, those pork projects lawmakers piggyback into bigger bills. and this past week a presidential commission released radical suggestions for raising revenue and slashing the deficit. that includes a cut in the home mortgage tax deduction.
9:36 am
republicans say they're ready to make some tough decisions. >> we're also tracking down every last rule and roadblock rigged to keep government spendi binge on autopilot. and if we're ever going to change the broken status quo, we need to make it easier to cut spending and harder to increase it. >> reporte democrats are alrey drawing the battle lines and not just over budget cuts. nancy pelosi is about to lose her title. but she wants to lead the democratic minority with the same management team. she brokered a deal that would keep steny hoyer as her number two and mes clyburn as her number three. heading off a fight that would have divided her forces before the fighting even begins. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. you knew this was coming but now it's oicial. former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel announced yesterday that he is running for
9:37 am
mayor of chicago. the former congressman and presidential adviser has often been seen as a washington insider, but during his announcement he emphasized his family's roots in chicago and the need to address the city's current charges. emanuel resigned from the white house in early october. the election for chicago's next mayor will be held in february. former president george bush drew more than 3,000 people to a book signing in central florida yesterday. bush spoke and signed his new memoir decision point. a large resort commuty near orlando. he said during the visit he does not miss being president but does miss some of the perks like flying on air force one and never getting sck in traffic. d.c. is full of vibrant history and culture. >> and now one party of the city has a trail that will take you back in time. the heritage trail officially opened yesterday in northwest. you can learn all about the neighborhood thanks to new signs that lead you on a self-guided tour. historic landmarks including reno center -- reno city, american university and even our
9:38 am
own nbc 4 studios here. it was in our building where nic nixon and kennedy took part in the first ever televised debate and kermit the frog made his debut re, too. >> this is the highest point in the city, and so communications became very important here. >> a that sears store sold live cckens, live ducks and live rabbits and they sold feed because people not too far from here were still farming. >> the entire distance of the trail is little less than three miles. tenleytown -- there was a guy who owned a tavern way back when and apparently that was the place to be. put your name on the air when that happens. >> and i think brinkley's desk is over in that corner. >> seriously? >> neat to be part of history. 9:38. >> up next,it may look like any other convention you'd find in washington but this event was anything but. a look inside the adoption expo. [ man ] aryou aware that verizon fios brings fiber optics to your home
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there was a big gathering last week and it brought together scores of professionals in the field of adoption with people looking to adopt. barbara harrison was there with the details.
9:42 am
she has them for us in this morning's "wednesday's child." >> reporter: hundreds of people turned out for thethird annual adoption expo here in washington. >> i had heard about the eye vent from my sister who saw it nbc. >> reporter: gretchen came from the dover, delaware, area. she came from her dad who lives in this area. she says she and her husbd had been hoping to adopt. >> i looked onlinend saw there were already a lot of good organizations coming so it would be one place to gather. a loof information all at once without having to spend hours online. >> reporter: that's the very reason the adoption expo was conceived by the folks at the freddie mac foundation. >> find out what th process is and who are the children available. >> reporter: those of us, like me, who came to talk about the wonderful possilities of adopting children from foster care. >> this is my mom now. >> reporter: 12-year-old brianna
9:43 am
pratt was here. mrs. pratt adopted two children from foster care. >> seeing she and her brother. >> reporter: the press came to share their success story along with other families who have adopted. >> my husband and i adopted two little girls from foster care. >> reporter: dupree mackey was here with his family. are you at home now for good and happy? >> yes. >> reporter: finding homes for children and children for families who want them is the reason for the expo. >> at the freddie mac foundation we are committed to helping children thrive and children find permanent, supportive, loving families. >> reporter: there were those here who said they've been through many disappointments in their efforts to start a family. >> hoping to start a family, probably four years.
9:44 am
>> reporter: gretchen hopes one day she and her husband will be among those coming back with children to share an adoption experience. a story with a happy ending. barbara harrison, news 4, for "wednesday's child." >> if you have room in your home and your heart and want to adopt, please call our special adoption hotline. the number is 1-88-2-adopt-me or >> i saw barbara's speech she wrote for that freddie mac foundation and she puts so mh tender, loving care into everything she does. in the speech she said "wednesday's child" is my baby. isn't thatice? >> it is. she does a lot of great work. let's turn to chuck bell now. the weather is your baby. >> that's right. and i've carried this baby all weeklong and now -- >> i don't know how to get out of that either. >> nice weather for today. a little bit of a concern for the "monday night football" game tomorrow. deil those conces up next. [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties
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(voice 2) got 'em. (voice 3) great exercise guys. let's run it again. can you tell me what f-stop you had the aperture set to? uhprettyig. and the shutter speed? really...[snaps]...quick.
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9:48 am
up. temperatures are climbing fast now after wasn't quite as chilly this morning as it was yesterday moing. bottomed out about two or three degrees warmer. as a result we are off to a nice start. 47 degrees our curren temperature in washington. the last six days have all been warmer than average and today will make seven days in a row warmer than average b stil november more than a degree. cooler than avage thanks to that first whole week of november where we didn't even crack 60 degrees. right now, though, temperatures climbing into the 40s. nearly everywhere from martinsburg holding back just a little bit up there in the deeper valleys of the shenandoah valley. even martinsburg will get up into the low 60s today. manassas43 and climbing. 47 here. 45 degrees in baltimore. 46 degrees in beautiful prince george's county. 51 new york. 49 boston. 52 atlanta. nice sunshine up and down the eastern seaboard today. the cooler air is just back behind the very slow moving weather front. it left over a foot of snow in
9:49 am
portions of the minneapolis/st. paul area yesterday. most of that moisture is heading up into northern canada and the northern part of the great lakes but the trailing cold front will bring a pattern change our way as we get intohe early parts of the week. a mild day but with the clouds on the increase it won't be all that pretty. today is the last of the pretty days to get outside. sunshine, warm. temperatures about ten degrees warmer than average. slowly, though, this area of high pressure is slidingown off the georgia coast and will allow this to inch its way ito our area over the course of the day tomorrow. a little ripple of low pressure will come along that front and bring us a chance for rain showers in the front halff wednesday. so our forecast for today sunny and mild. high clouds on the increase. temperatures mid-60s this afternoon. tomorrow clouds thickening. a chance of a few showers or sprirng ls after the sun goes down. cooler tomorro still technically warmer but n as nice as day. a chance of rain late in the
9:50 am
day. 08% chance tuesday. probably a wet commute but dry on the way ho. redskins and the eagles, 55 degrees at kickoff. i'm worried there may be a sprinkle or two before the game is over tomorrow. ♪
9:51 am
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ra new information on the story out of gaithersburg, maryland. the man shot at an apartment complex was not breaking into an apartment. rather he mistook it for his own. the homeowner thought the man was trying to break in and shot him with a shotgun in self-defense. police s the investigation is ongoing but charges are unlikely. the man suffered nonlife threatening injuries. >> and we have a revision to our facts on the tenleytown heritage trail. we talked about our studios here at nbc 4 being the first televised debate for kennedy/nixon. it was the second televised debate. >> the first was in chicago apparently. a new class of congressmen about to make its way to the new capital and the new era of republican control in the house. >> how the white house will h d handle that transition is the hot topic this morning for nbc, your place for politics. the chris matthews show is next followed by "meet the press." let's see what they're working on. good morning, washington. coming up at 10:00 on "the chris matthews show" with barack obama
9:55 am
near his lowest pop leyriularipy see it as a real prize. they're deciding go or no go. someone who fills a vd ft by obama or will the winner be someone from the conservative far right? the priry in iowa and south carolina really play that wing and our experts predict the finalist. plus, this week the new chair of the house republican investigations committee said he plans 280 hearings. will he subpoena those like bill clinton and rahm emanuel? and how will the white house and hn boehner get along with all these investigations going on? join me and howard fineman, kelly o'donnell, clarence pai and gloria borger for a great roundtable discussion. now for a look at what's coming up on "meet the press" here is david gregory. david? thanks, chris. good morning, kimberly and aaron. coming up, the politics of the
9:56 am
economy at home and abroad. the president returns to the u.s. this morning after facing international resistance at the economic summit in asia and a home the debate over tax cuts and controversial cuts in spending proposed by the president's commission. aftethe election will the white house and republicanbe capable of finding common ground? david axelrod and the view from the republics with senator john mccain. plus, we'll have a special economic discussion this morning with alan greenspan, newt gingrich, mclean who has written a book about the financial collapse and former congressman harold ford. it's all coming up this morning on "meet the press." >> thank you, david. what was meant to be an apology to formerresident george w. bush has turned into more drama for kanye west. >> the comedians seem to think the two might actually have a lot in common. >> i mean, it's all good now because you know we have problems and we solve those problems. >> we're both rich, right? i mean, we're both impulsive. yeah? he interrupted taylor swift at
9:57 am
an awards show. >> that's true. >> and i interrupted how well our country was doing for eight years. >> that's right. >> next week actress ann hathaway will host snl with guests florence and the time machine. >> as chuck says, the third rail. >> that's right. that is it for news 4 today. we appreciate you spending some time with us. >> wake up tomorrow morning. we begin a 4:30 in the morning. until them have a great day, everyone. [ man ] are you aware that verizon fios brings fiber optics to your home
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